ACMER Honeycomb Laser Bed with Pins

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1. The bundled order may be shipped in multiple packages.
2. The machine and main accessories will be shipped from U.S. or EU.
3. Other accessories and materials will be shipped from China.

Size: 300x300mm


1. New honeycomb bed with foot pads and material fixing pins.
2. Inch and Centimeter dual-scale ruler
3. Suitable for any laser engraving machine, including CO2 laser.
4. 9mm honeycomb grid size allows for better airflow.
5. Made of aluminum steel, it is sturdy and lightweight.
6. With corner protection and pearl cotton cushioning for safer transportation.

    Allows Excellent Airflow For
    Air Assisted Cutting And Ventilation

    Laser bed without honeycomb

    Laser bed with honeycomb

    Pearl Cotton Packaging

    Locking pins

    Honeycomb grid

    Corner Guard

    Precision scales

    Non-slip feet

    Material not fixed

    Material fixed